Bicycle trip from Luxembourg to Strasbourg

Today the route EuroVelo 5 more or less follows this route.

Summary map:

“Detailed” map:

So, here’s a summary of the way; most but not all parts are covered on

The easy way is to follow the VeloRoute SaarLorLux from Luxembourg to Mittersheim and probably stop on the road and rest in and/or visit one of these localities: Schengen, Völkingen, Saarbrücken, Sarreguemines. Sometimes the signs are not too visible, so better print the map (or download it in roaming).Then follow the directions below from Mittersheim.

My itinerary was a bit different as this cycling route was being done while I traveled:

  • From Luxembourg City, take the PC1 to Hesperange and Alzingen,
  • Take the road to Syren (low traffic) and after about 2km (~500m after the rail track bridge and just before going downhill to the village) turn right and follow the road.
  • Once arrived in Hassel, go east and follow the directions to Filsdorf and shortly after leaving Hassel take the cycling route PC11  on the right.
  • In Ellange-Gare, either follow PC7 which is a bit longer but goes via Remich or on the road to Elvange and downhill to Remerschen (where you can stop at a petrol station and get a stock of fresh drinks and snacks) and continue your way to Schengen along the Moselle River.
  • Once in Schengen, cross the bridge to Perl, and follow the SLR cycling route to Börg (same route as the SaarLorLux); at that point the route is hilly.
  • After about two hours and some sweat, you should reach the Nied Valley in Hemmersdorf.
  • Follow the cycling route along the Nied river to Dillingen and follow the Saar river cycling route to Saarlouis, Völkingen, Saarbrücken, Sarreguemines, Sarre Union and stop in Mittersheim.

Mittersheim has a lake and a campsite. From that point, I wasn’t too sure about which way to follow, so I decided to cross the forest to Fénétrange, then I followed the D43 road to Berthelming, Bettborn, and to Sarralstroff. Then I followed D46b road to Vieux-Lixheim. Right after the exit of the village, turn right (I missed that one so I had to do a detour!) and continue to Brouviller, Saint-Jean-de-Koutzerode, Waltembourg and reach Henridorff. Then the fun comes! Downhill to Lutzelbourg, you’ll cross the railroad and shortly after reach the cycling route along the canal “de la Marne au Rhin” to Strasbourg.

There are many alternatives possible using roads with low traffic: going via the Northern part of Vosges Mountains via Grauffthal or in Perl instead of going via Börg it is possible to go to Apach and then visit the Chateau de Malbrouck.

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  1. Hi

    I’m interested in your Luxembourg -Strasbourg tour. Which path did you take from Schengen to Strasbourg?

    THX for more infomation


  2. Hi dago,

    Thanks for your message! I have just updated the page and I hope this will help you 😉
    Have a safe trip and please let me know how it was.

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