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Cyclehack Luxembourg City 2016

Thanks to Cycle Luxembourg, I was privileged to help with the preparation of the first Cyclehack in Luxembourg City. A very nice experience from the inside, where a group of very busy people have managed to do everything; also it was a bit discouraging because it was during the National Holiday weekend and many people decided to travel for an extended weekend before the beginning of the holiday season.

Back to the topic, the event took place during the whole weekend (from Friday the 24th of June to Sunday) at the Rotondes. Friday evening and Sunday afternoon were opened to the public and the rest of the weekend only to participants.


All videos are also available for download on my personal gallery.

On Friday, there was a series of talks:

Introduction talk by Kasia Krzyzanowski:

Keynote speaker: Marc van Woudenberg of Amsterdamize:

Some local speakers:

Sam Tanson, member of the Aldermen council and in charge of mobility and transport issues for Luxembourg City:

Philippe Herkrath from  Lëtzebuerger Vëlosinitiativ:

openData by Tezza Lana from Level2Syn2cat Hackerspace:

Jean­-Michel Mertz from Bike43, a bicycle related startup here in Luxembourg:

Pierre Englebert from the Luxembourg branch of Cycling Without Age:

And my first ever talk,  I even tried to talk, about my daily bike commutes in Luxembourg, with the glitches and everything:

My slides are also available online.

And to finish, Steve Clement from Level 2 and coorganizer made a very inspiring talk:

Sunday: presentation of the projects

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Mango and Nutella spring rolls

Here’s a food experiment: spring rolls, with mango, Nutella and grilled almond.

Nutella spring rolls

In a few easy steps:

  1. Submerge the rice paper into water,
  2. Preheat the oven,
  3. Peel the mango then slice in into small cubes,
  4. Grill the almonds without any fat,
  5. Melt some butter,
  6. When everything is ready, start putting a few cubes into the rice paper, two tea cups of Nutella and add a thin layer of grilled almonds,
  7. Wrap the whole thing and spread butter around and put the rolls in the oven,
  8. After about 15 minutes, the rice paper will be crunchy and can be served.

Don’t try to put too much quantity into the roll like I did as the water inside the roll makes it more difficult to get something super crunchy. Even though the smell, taste and texture were tremendous 🙂

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Places for light painting?

Those are places I know, feel free to suggest anything else 🙂


Today we went for a Hike in Ungersberg, near Albéville, close to Villé in the Vosges mountains.

Hike details Hike details

Trees Trees Trees Trees Old hunting signs Trail Grade 2 track Trees and landscape Hiking track Hiking directions Hiking track Forest edge Way incline is up Natural barrier Path Ungersberg: the summit My foot Path
Vosges landscape Going up? Vosges landscape Panoramic view Picnic table Track in the Vosges mountains Blackberry Cute forest house Panoramic view on the plain and the mountains

Cycling with Yuko

Here’s the improvised tour: 15.7 km

We decided to make it shorter when rain was a threat. Fortunately, we missed the heavy thunderstorm showers.

Yuko is now ready for a triathlon!

PS: good bye Egle!