Quick news..

It’s been quite a while since I lost posted an entry in this clutter; I’ve been wondering about all the different topics I should mention for over a week. Mentioning each of them would take a long time, so let me start with the summary.

I did quit my previous company and since then I wrote the resignation letter, I feel very calm and relaxed; I am discovering the Zen attitude. I started as a Network Administrator for a financial company specialized in Credit Card Processing today and everything went very well.

Last week, I visited my cousin in Brittany, she’s such a nice person I really enjoy; and even the weather was great.

Soon, I’ll post a few updates regarding the other subjects.

Oh, did I mention that I was getting a bit confused with my gallery? I decided to upload a few pictures to flickr because it is much easier to use tags than managing a hierarchy according to the photo style. So here are the latest photos.