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enfuse examples

Last month, I took a time lapse session of New York skyline during dusk. I wanted to merge them and turned to Enfuse. As I didn’t find too many examples I wrote a small script to generate some series of images out of a sample of the time lapse pictures. The result is quite amazing and looks promising. Below is the average image of 201 photos taken during 40 minutes.


The shell script can be downloaded here (attention! it’s not idiot proof 😉 ). Just copy your image files to a directory with the script and check it out. It runs on both Linux and Mac systems and requires to have Enfuse installed and the command enfuse in the system path.

Note that each picture can be opened in full size, using Open Image in New Tab. For the tests, I have reduced the number of images to 10 of them during the twilight.

Rendered gray projectors

Various gray-projectors in soft-mask, using --gray-projector=value, where value is below:

average normal-average
lightness normal-lightness
l-star normal-l-star
luminance normal-luminance
pl-star normal-pl-star
value normal-value

The difference is not obvious; however if we enable the flag --hard-mask, then the difference becomes evident:

average hardmask-average
lightness hardmask-lightness
l-star hardmask-l-star
luminance hardmask-luminance
pl-star hardmask-pl-star
value hardmask-value

Sigma and Mu variation

The following images have been rendered using the average gray projector.


value soft-mask hard-mask
0.00 soft mask sigma0.00 hard mask sigma0.00
0.10 soft mask sigma0.10 hard mask sigma0.10
0.20 soft mask sigma0.20 hard mask sigma0.20
0.30 soft mask sigma0.30 hard mask sigma0.30
0.40 soft mask sigma0.40 hard mask sigma0.40
0.50 soft mask sigma0.50 hard mask sigma0.50
0.60 soft mask sigma0.60 hard mask sigma0.60
0.70 soft mask sigma0.70 hard mask sigma0.70
0.80 soft mask sigma0.80 hard mask sigma0.80
0.90 soft mask sigma0.90 hard mask sigma0.90
1.00 soft mask sigma1.00 hard mask sigma1.00


value soft-mask hard-mask
0.00 soft mask mu0.00 hard mask mu0.00
0.10 soft mask mu0.10 hard mask mu0.10
0.20 soft mask mu0.20 hard mask mu0.20
0.30 soft mask mu0.30 hard mask mu0.30
0.40 soft mask mu0.40 hard mask mu0.40
0.50 soft mask mu0.50 hard mask mu0.50
0.60 soft mask mu0.60 hard mask mu0.60
0.70 soft mask mu0.70 hard mask mu0.70
0.80 soft mask mu0.80 hard mask mu0.80
0.90 soft mask mu0.90 hard mask mu0.90
1.00 soft mask mu1.00 hard mask mu1.00

Mu and Sigma matrix

Only using the hard mask rendering where Mu values are horizontal and Sigma vertical:

  0.00 0.25 0.50 0.75 1.00
0.00 hard mask mu 0, sigma 0 hard mask mu 25, sigma 0 hard mask mu 50, sigma 0 hard mask mu 75, sigma 0 hard mask mu 100, sigma 0
0.25 hard mask mu 0, sigma 25 hard mask mu 25, sigma 25 hard mask mu 50, sigma 25 hard mask mu 75, sigma 25 hard mask mu 100, sigma 25
0.50 hard mask mu 0, sigma 50 hard mask mu 25, sigma 50 hard mask mu 50, sigma 50 hard mask mu 75, sigma 50 hard mask mu 100, sigma 50
0.75 hard mask mu 0, sigma 75 hard mask mu 25, sigma 75 hard mask mu 50, sigma 75 hard mask mu 75, sigma 75 hard mask mu 100, sigma 75
1.00 hard mask mu 0, sigma 100 hard mask mu 25, sigma 100 hard mask mu 50, sigma 100 hard mask mu 75, sigma 100 hard mask mu 100, sigma 100

Looks like the fun has just begun 🙂

Saigon Online

Saigon Online

Believe it or not, Internet works pretty well in Vietnam.

Unix redirection fail

This morning the / file system was full on one of our AIX servers:

root@host[/root] > df
Filesystem 512-blocks Free %Used Iused %Iused Mounted on
/dev/hd4 524288 0 100% 5311 89% /

I didn’t take more than a few seconds to realize where this came from:

root@host[/root] > cd /
root@host[/] > du -x -k | sort -n | tail -5
14348 ./etc/perf
15328 ./lpp/bos
30900 ./etc
180880 ./dev
258580 .
root@host[/] > cd dev
root@nim1[/dev] > ls -lSr | tail -1
-rw-r--r-- 1 root system 185118720 Sep 2 15:26 null 2>&1

Interesting redirection…

Good bye Java

Since Oracle has some damn policies for distribution, it’s not possible to download it from Links or whatever to my remote server. Another story on how a company destroyed a product…

!!! dev-java/sun-jdk- has fetch restriction turned on.
!!! This probably means that this ebuild's files must be downloaded
!!! manually. See the comments in the ebuild for more information.

* Fetch failed for ‘dev-java/sun-jdk-’, Log file:
* ‘/var/tmp/portage/dev-java/sun-jdk-’
* Package: dev-java/sun-jdk-
* Repository: gentoo
* Maintainer:
* USE: amd64 elibc_glibc kernel_linux multilib source userland_GNU
* FEATURES: sandbox
* Due to Oracle no longer providing the distro-friendly DLJ bundles, the package
* has become fetch restricted again. Alternatives are switching to
* dev-java/icedtea-bin:6 or the source-based dev-java/icedtea:6
* Please download jdk-6u32-linux-x64.bin from:
* and move it to /usr/portage/distfiles

Of course, if you get the the link from the Web page on your local browser, and get the file url on the remote server:

# head jdk-6u32-linux-x64.bin
<title>Unauthorized Request</title>

How I fixed it: emerge -av --depclean dev-java/sun-jdk virtual/jdk virtual/jre dev-java/java-config

New type of scam?

Looks like scammers are always imaginative when trying to get money…

The email was badly formatted (some headers were in the body), and the domain in question is parked and has almost no traffic.

Date: Thu, 12 Aug 2010 19:49:10 +0900 (JST)
From: (doesn’t matter)
To: (doesn’t matter)
Subject: Hosting – Important Updates and Information
Reply-To: (something)

You are welcomed with a command of hackers ZeleniyHach

We hold a huge network of Distributed Denial Of Service Attack, allowing to suspend any web site. We have been watching XXX.COM and were able to find out that you have spent pretty money much for its advancement and we want to to offer you to spend a little more yet. Just as little as 200 bucks as a voluntary donation to our fund will keep your web site away from DDOS attack.

200 bucks is not so much also will help you to avoid greater problems in the future.


Unfortunately, we accept only Webmoney Paymer Cheks, so make sure to get your fat asses out and without assistance find out how to transfer money into it. We give you 48 hours. If after 48 hours we will not get 200 dollars, there is one more 0 will be added to 200 bucks, i.e. 2000 bucks and so on until you come to reason.

Stingy pays twice )

When you are ready, just send the check as your response to this message.
In subject matter of the letter specify the domain with greater letters, it is a lot of you We are the one, respect our work.

Respectfully, Top Manager of ZeleniyHach project.

Nice try!