Haw Par Villa is worth a visit

Also known as Tiger Balm Gardens, Haw Par Villa is a garden in South-West Singapore built by the owners of Tiger Balm in 1937 and represents with its statues the Chinese mythology and legends.

It is located along Pasir Panjang Road and can be reached at Haw Par Villa MRT Station (CC25) on the Circle Line.

If it wasn’t recommended by some friends in Singapore, I wouldn’t have spent a couple of hours (which is definitely not enough) there; so I decided to share this quick and dirty post. This place is really weird and attractive: I recommend a visit to anyone curious about what the others believe in; you don’t have to believe in reincarnation yourself. And the admission is free of charge.

Since the Wikipedia page about Haw Par Villa provides more information here are the pictures!

View the entire album on my gallery (111 photos) or visit the Best of on flickr if that’s too much for you. Below is a sample.

Statue of Liberty Tiger Deluge Friendship and loyalty The grateful tortoise Dragons Reading a book on a tiger (She) sea shell
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