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Picnic bike ride

On Sunday, August 28, meeting point is at 16:00 in the city at the intersection between Boulevard du Prince Henri and Avenue Monterey (next to the boat in the park). Please be there on time as we’ll leave shortly.

Link to map, where you can download the GPX file.

We will ride to Belair, Merl, Bertrange, Holzem, Garnich, Mamer and stop at the picnic place called Drēps. However if the group is too slow or unmotivated, we’ll go straight from Bertrange to Mamer – most of the way is on National Cycleways (PCs), Regional and Local Cycleways.

Below is a view of the picnic area (note that it’s not exclusive to the group):

Bridge at Drëps picnic place

Drëps picnic place

You can also meet us at Drēps at 19:00 if you want to skip the effort part. Drinks can be cooled down in the river, and there’s a weather shelter.

For the return ride, there are two options, where the first is the most likely due to the surface:

  • We’ll go back up to Mamer (get ready for this) and go to PC13 to European School II.
  • If eveyone is on a mountain or trekking bike, we could attempt to ride on Sentier de la Mamer to European School II (harder surface but slightly shorter than the first option).

Then we’ll follow the PC13 to Strassen, divert to Les Thermes (to avoid the segment on Route d’Arlon), ride back on PC1 to Val Sainte-Croix and back to the park and finish at the boat intersection.

If the group is big, I will need a co-organizer.

Important instructions:

  • weather may be hot, so please take plenty of drinks with you
  • better have something to eat at the picnic place (but it’s not mandatory).
  • please have some bike lights with you, we’re likely to arrive back to the city during dusk.
  • if you want/have to leave early, please get the GPX file to your GPS or smartphone to find a safe way back. You can use phone Apps such as ViewRanger or OruxMaps to view the GPX on your phone.

There’s no mandatory registration, but would I appreciate if you can register to either the Facebook or the Meetup event, just to get a brief idea of the amount of people to expect.

Update after the ride: just a few photos 😉








Cyclehack Luxembourg City 2016

Thanks to Cycle Luxembourg, I was privileged to help with the preparation of the first Cyclehack in Luxembourg City. A very nice experience from the inside, where a group of very busy people have managed to do everything; also it was a bit discouraging because it was during the National Holiday weekend and many people decided to travel for an extended weekend before the beginning of the holiday season.

Back to the topic, the event took place during the whole weekend (from Friday the 24th of June to Sunday) at the Rotondes. Friday evening and Sunday afternoon were opened to the public and the rest of the weekend only to participants.


All videos are also available for download on my personal gallery.

On Friday, there was a series of talks:

Introduction talk by Kasia Krzyzanowski:

Keynote speaker: Marc van Woudenberg of Amsterdamize:

Some local speakers:

Sam Tanson, member of the Aldermen council and in charge of mobility and transport issues for Luxembourg City:

Philippe Herkrath from  Lëtzebuerger Vëlosinitiativ:

openData by Tezza Lana from Level2Syn2cat Hackerspace:

Jean­-Michel Mertz from Bike43, a bicycle related startup here in Luxembourg:

Pierre Englebert from the Luxembourg branch of Cycling Without Age:

And my first ever talk,  I even tried to talk, about my daily bike commutes in Luxembourg, with the glitches and everything:

My slides are also available online.

And to finish, Steve Clement from Level 2 and coorganizer made a very inspiring talk:

Sunday: presentation of the projects

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Remains of Roman Baths in Mamer

In Mamer, Luxembourg, close to the European School, there are some remains of Roman baths. I had lunch there and wanted to shoot it. Later on I decided to apply different types of panorama; here’s the result:

Normal photo using a 24 mm lens
20160503_102518 Panorama HDR.jpg
Equirectangular panorama 360×180 degrees
20160503_102518 Panorama Mercator HDR.jpg
Mercator projection 360×160 degrees (then cropped to maintain 6:4 ratio)
20160503_102518 Panorama Directional Stereographic HDR.jpg
Stereographic panorama

And my favorite, the stereographic down panorama, making panoramas look like a planet:

20160503_102518 Panorama Stereographic HDR.jpg
Remains of Roman Baths, stereographic down panorama

And thanks to Frederic, who kept me company while I was shooting 630 photos (126 photos with 5 different exposures each).