Damn you all! (Family guy)

Family Guy season 7 is out for ZZTV subscribers.
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“Darling, could you check what’s going on with the TV receiver?
– No more TV!
– Since we have paid for a premium ZZTV subscription, we can watch it over the Internet!
– Internet is down!
– Maybe the server is down?
– In that case, I’d suggest to go to another restaurant!
– Dammit, let’s call the hell desk! Something must be wrong with our settings…
– No phone connection!
– Wireless call?
– No network…

Oh sorry, in fact this post isn’t about Family Guy 🙂

This F– story is about a reality, though a bit exaggerated, about a growing disease in Information Technology… This is déjà-vu about ten times during this month.
Not later than midday today, they announced some risks of thunderstorm during the afternoon. As a result, the phone connection and Internet went down in the next following 5 minutes.

Yesterday, there was another similar story with one of my client’s servers, hosted in a dirty-center whose habit is frequent power failures; what a pleasant sunday morning, being woken up on the phone, while being gone for the week-end abroad…

Last week, I experienced some interesting issues with my personal server hosting company whose network has been down for eight hours.

The winner is definitely this cable company in Belgium and Luxembourg; I think if they guaranteed 99.9% downtime, it wouldn’t change much from what we already have… This is a part of their strategy: the more downtime they have, the more clients will call their hotline using a premium number, then wait for an answer; and the more money they make!

What if someone had call an emergency number? According to their contract, they are not liable for any consequence of downtime. How about ethics? Would this work in the US?

In the past, I used to have multiple Internet connection, thus I spent about a monthly invoice not far from a Portuguese salary, just for my personal internet connectivity. Of course, despite of all these securities, outages from both providers at the same time happened, which used totally different networks and physical supports… Whose leg are they pulling?


Passé le 18 février sur France Inter dans CO2 mon amour, écouté en ce moment, merci les Podcasts:

“Le premier canard suspecté d’être truffé au H5N1 se trouve sur la commune de?


Même dans un scénario de video gag on ne pouvait pas l’inventer…”