What about avian flu?

I have the feeling that many people worry about avian flu spread over Europe on wild birds. People stopped buying chicken (veggie rox!); these animals are now in-jailed… (this is what we hear on the news)

What they never tell us something scarier – though I do not know if this is fiction, speculation, nightmare, or whatever – what would happen if, for example, a pigeon in a city like Venice is H5N1 positive?

It’s 5:00AM; why an I typing this instead of sleeping?

The telecom industry

I wanted to figure out how cookies work, so I made a Web site pertaining to the telecom industry where people can register and shout, scream, cry and complain about operators. But they can also share their positive experiences.

The concept of this site is not to mention companies name when submitting an experience. If the company name is provided, I’ll keep it for myself and will maybe laugh one day when so many people are complaining about the same operator 🙂

The beta version is in place: some (important) features (profile edit, comments, ratings, contact between users, statistics, search) are still missing and I expect some bugs as I did all the back end today. The features will come slowly, so please be patient. It includes a tiny CMS I wrote for the occasion, using the Smarty (yumm, chocolate!) classes.

The site is www.czll.com, czll is a typo defining a broken call…

Do not hesitate to try it and report bugs!

Yeah, this is a come back in the telecommunication politics after many years in the darkness!