Meanwhile, in Parc Central

Meanwhile, in Parc Central near d'Coque

Jupiter and Venus invited to Kirchberg for an extended 47 minutes combined exposure using enfuse.

Clouds and humidity made the sky look strange. Also, I find the light pollution quite interesting.

Weekend in the Vosges

Lac de Lispach:
Lac de Lispach

Viewpoint is the reward:
Viewpoint is the reward

Route des Crêtes and Kruth-Wildenstein lake from above:
Route des Crêtes and Kruth-Wildenstein lake from above

Timelapse of a photo session

Time lapse of a night photography session on a busy road:

Link to 1080p video file (hint: try right click and Save Link As…).

Luxembourg ING Night Marathon timelapse

Experiment doing time lapse photography with bracketing, using enfuse:

Download the movie and use it as you like (try right click and Save Link As… if it loads the link into your browser).

Looking for a photo

After I spent three hours cycling to find beautiful flowers, I found something – just a minute walk from home.
Flowers around the corner

Why travel far away when there are beauties within a minute walk from home?

Last night

Parc Lentz at night
This is a 42 minutes exposure in Lentz Parc (just discovered its name) where I ride almost everyday on my commute to work. Yesterday I was on a mood to go out, but didn’t feel like going for a drink.

Bonus: behind the scene picture:
Behind the scene

Strange weather time lapse

This week the weather has been very strange this week. It kept changing all the time. As the Chinese say: 少女的心是春天的心。

Download the movie and use it as you like (try right click and Save Link As… if it loads the link into your browser).

Unexpected photo merge

Accidental photo merge

Ever wondered how two unrelated photos look like when merged?

Done with enfuse; I didn’t even try to move the flowers 😉


Waste of money and insecurity

While cycling on PC14,  I discovered it was closed; and they did a detour via a the roads CR103 and CR109, a popular itinerary for trucks going to Kehlen. So I wasn’t very pleased to find which wasn’t announced on any web site. Imagine a family going for a bicycle ride altogether during this sunny Easter holiday…

Detour sign

The fun continues one kilometre ahead, where the main road is also closed, and all the best they have done is to Strikethrough the bicycle detour…

Detour no longer applies

What a waste of money; doing a detour via a dangerous road, and then close the detour

Also, on Tuesday, April 14, the cycling route is also closed between Mamer and Capellen; no alternative road is planned; but at least they have put the sign since last month:

PC14 closure

So let me suggest the alternative way below to go from Mamer to Nospelt, which is technically against the law as the way is market with a (C,2) sign with no bicycle exemption, but:

  • no one cares, they often put this sign even on official cycling routes, and
  • safety first.

Please note the traffic light when crossing Route d’Arlon in Mamer.

Macau in pictures

Here’s a selection of the photos I have taken in Macau:

It’s a very interesting mix of Portugal and China (e.g. you will get curry noodles soup with sardines) where they call Pastel de nata Portuguese egg tart. Some parts of the old city were really crowded during daytime; I’m glad that I came for my first shootings at night. However I did feel the atmosphere near the casinos somewhat insane.

All the pictures are licensed in creative commons, so feel free to do anything with them if you like (except claiming copyright and revoking this freedom).

You can also visit the album on Flickr or in my gallery.

New day, new adventure