enfuse examples

Last month, I took a time lapse session of New York skyline during dusk. I wanted to merge them and turned to Enfuse. As I didn’t find too many examples I wrote a small script to generate some series of images out of a sample of the time lapse pictures. The result is quite amazing and looks promising. Below is the average image of 201 photos taken during 40 minutes.


The shell script can be downloaded here (attention! it’s not idiot proof ;) ). Just copy your image files to a directory with the script and check it out. It runs on both Linux and Mac systems and requires to have Enfuse installed and the command enfuse in the system path.

Note that each picture can be opened in full size, using Open Image in New Tab. For the tests, I have reduced the number of images to 10 of them during the twilight.

Rendered gray projectors

Various gray-projectors in soft-mask, using --gray-projector=value, where value is below:

average normal-average
lightness normal-lightness
l-star normal-l-star
luminance normal-luminance
pl-star normal-pl-star
value normal-value

The difference is not obvious; however if we enable the flag --hard-mask, then the difference becomes evident:

average hardmask-average
lightness hardmask-lightness
l-star hardmask-l-star
luminance hardmask-luminance
pl-star hardmask-pl-star
value hardmask-value

Sigma and Mu variation

The following images have been rendered using the average gray projector.


value soft-mask hard-mask
0.00 soft mask sigma0.00 hard mask sigma0.00
0.10 soft mask sigma0.10 hard mask sigma0.10
0.20 soft mask sigma0.20 hard mask sigma0.20
0.30 soft mask sigma0.30 hard mask sigma0.30
0.40 soft mask sigma0.40 hard mask sigma0.40
0.50 soft mask sigma0.50 hard mask sigma0.50
0.60 soft mask sigma0.60 hard mask sigma0.60
0.70 soft mask sigma0.70 hard mask sigma0.70
0.80 soft mask sigma0.80 hard mask sigma0.80
0.90 soft mask sigma0.90 hard mask sigma0.90
1.00 soft mask sigma1.00 hard mask sigma1.00


value soft-mask hard-mask
0.00 soft mask mu0.00 hard mask mu0.00
0.10 soft mask mu0.10 hard mask mu0.10
0.20 soft mask mu0.20 hard mask mu0.20
0.30 soft mask mu0.30 hard mask mu0.30
0.40 soft mask mu0.40 hard mask mu0.40
0.50 soft mask mu0.50 hard mask mu0.50
0.60 soft mask mu0.60 hard mask mu0.60
0.70 soft mask mu0.70 hard mask mu0.70
0.80 soft mask mu0.80 hard mask mu0.80
0.90 soft mask mu0.90 hard mask mu0.90
1.00 soft mask mu1.00 hard mask mu1.00

Mu and Sigma matrix

Only using the hard mask rendering where Mu values are horizontal and Sigma vertical:

  0.00 0.25 0.50 0.75 1.00
0.00 hard mask mu 0, sigma 0 hard mask mu 25, sigma 0 hard mask mu 50, sigma 0 hard mask mu 75, sigma 0 hard mask mu 100, sigma 0
0.25 hard mask mu 0, sigma 25 hard mask mu 25, sigma 25 hard mask mu 50, sigma 25 hard mask mu 75, sigma 25 hard mask mu 100, sigma 25
0.50 hard mask mu 0, sigma 50 hard mask mu 25, sigma 50 hard mask mu 50, sigma 50 hard mask mu 75, sigma 50 hard mask mu 100, sigma 50
0.75 hard mask mu 0, sigma 75 hard mask mu 25, sigma 75 hard mask mu 50, sigma 75 hard mask mu 75, sigma 75 hard mask mu 100, sigma 75
1.00 hard mask mu 0, sigma 100 hard mask mu 25, sigma 100 hard mask mu 50, sigma 100 hard mask mu 75, sigma 100 hard mask mu 100, sigma 100

Looks like the fun has just begun :)

Not a common Monday

It’s very pleasant to start a new week with a day off. The main reason was to study and to let the repairman in. Then a succession of events occurred:

  • he called me in the early morning and let me know at what time he was going to arrive,
  • I will be going to be on call from this evening on,
  • according to the weather forecast, it was the last sunny day until god knows when,
  • I couldn’t find any interactive way to study on the security frameworks, knowing that passive learning is useless.

Based on all the facts above, I invited some people for an evening BBQ, went out into the forest and rode my mountain bike,  bought some groceries to cook a nice salad, let the repairman fix the dishwasher, started some laundry, went out again to another forest, mowed the lawn, went shopping for BBQ food and finally had my guests.

Tam showed up to fetch his car but unfortunately his battery was flat; since it’s a hybrid car it wasn’t possible to push it. Therefore he stayed with us for dinner until his car could be fixed, which took about 1 minute and costed 100 Euros. At least he could enjoy with us some fish-kebab, grilled mushrooms and other vegetables. It was nice to spend some time with some friends!

Ended the day doing 61 km of activities, including 48 km on my bike. Still 690 km to go this month and 6,428 km this year (7,042 km would be ideal if I can afford not to include non-bike sports as well). Too bad this week I won’t have as much free time than I had for cycling…

Of course my mind wasn’t in security frameworks while mountain biking, but rather organising some games on mountain bikes based on the snake game which could be played in groups in the city centre or in the forest.

So below are the maps of the two rides.

New day, new adventure