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The boring part of my life once I have removed photography, outdoor activities and IT ;)

Not a common Monday

It’s very pleasant to start a new week with a day off. The main reason was to study and to let the repairman in. Then a succession of events occurred:

  • he called me in the early morning and let me know at what time he was going to arrive,
  • I will be going to be on call from this evening on,
  • according to the weather forecast, it was the last sunny day until god knows when,
  • I couldn’t find any interactive way to study on the security frameworks, knowing that passive learning is useless.

Based on all the facts above, I invited some people for an evening BBQ, went out into the forest and rode my mountain bike,  bought some groceries to cook a nice salad, let the repairman fix the dishwasher, started some laundry, went out again to another forest, mowed the lawn, went shopping for BBQ food and finally had my guests.

Tam showed up to fetch his car but unfortunately his battery was flat; since it’s a hybrid car it wasn’t possible to push it. Therefore he stayed with us for dinner until his car could be fixed, which took about 1 minute and costed 100 Euros. At least he could enjoy with us some fish-kebab, grilled mushrooms and other vegetables. It was nice to spend some time with some friends!

Ended the day doing 61 km of activities, including 48 km on my bike. Still 690 km to go this month and 6,428 km this year (7,042 km would be ideal if I can afford not to include non-bike sports as well). Too bad this week I won’t have as much free time than I had for cycling…

Of course my mind wasn’t in security frameworks while mountain biking, but rather organising some games on mountain bikes based on the snake game which could be played in groups in the city centre or in the forest.

So below are the maps of the two rides.

Meeting? Yeah!

If you know me well enough, I expect you to be surprised by this post as I am not keen on meetings, but earlier this week I read an article about meetings and yeah, written by Sarah B. Weir. You should read it before proceeding to the following text.

This article is pleasant to read, isn’t it? If you were here with me, I would expect you to say “yeah!”.

I have to say that I admire those articles where authors manage to use simple English without dumbing their content down. I wish I could write finer content; I’ll keep trying until I can replace the word wish by will.

(Oh sorry), let me get back on track…  In fact I’m happy to see the evolution of meetings from the (old) formal, stressful, useless and one-way communication moment into something more casual. As I earned a degree in physics, I usually try to find an explanation to everything and the the one I’ve found for this study is linked to social networks (e.g. +1).

However, according to the article, body language hadn’t been taken in account by the study; for instance if I say yeah (monotone with an extended a sound) or yeah (brief and raising tone), the meaning is opposite. But I doubt that people would say normally say a negative yeah and would remain silent instead. Also, I’m wondering how attendees in international and multicultural environments would react if I kept saying yeah: no matter what, I will try.

Had I had some spare time, I would have read the complete study, which isn’t list on Improbable Research, a Web site publishing all kind of useless research, and therefore won’t be a candidate for the Ig Nobel prize. Looks like it’s useful.

In my humble opinion, we should have meetings on a couch, share some food, or enjoy outdoors, while walking on an alameda to the restaurant. That’s an utopia. Yeah! Can I please grab a bite before the next meeting? No! That’s a dystopia.. Yeah!

The Night Run

An old friend from Paris came for a visit; it was a very fortunate last minute decision! As he arrived, he noticed there was something going on – I told him about the marathon which seemed a good surprise.

Despite a shower during the evening, the weather was nice so we had some urban walk through the city without being bothered by car traffic, looked for street art, encouraged the runners and enjoyed the drums playing around everywhere. Then we had dinner at el compañero where we shared a plate of tapas with some fajitas. Later on we went back to the show, walked, idled in the parks, while talking and taking pictures and videos.

Download/view the large marathon video.

Sprint in the park In the park while others are running ING in the bin Chat zone Letter boxes Night marathon Runner and cyclist Kinnekswiss at night Tree and shadow Tree shadow Obey Boat
Dancer Stickers Plug'n'trash Trisomie 21 Soyez citoyens? Balloons Lit parking

When we got back home, we talked about geek stuff until 4:30 in the morning.

A Friday evening in the city centre

During the day I met my old class mate Luc and toured him and his wife around the city. It was great! When it was done, I met by accident an old work mate whose daughter is twice as tall each time I see her ;). But this time we stopped for a drink/snack and spent some more time together than just saying “Hi, how are you? See you next time!”

In the evening, I followed Egle and her boyfriend to the city centre. There were many groups playing drum in different places in the city; that was awesome! Stopped for a drink at Konrad Cafe, watched some drums, walked around the city corniche, did some window shopping and had another drink at Banana’s. And once again, I meet some friend I haven’t seen for while, except at the supermarket when I was in a hurry; so we had another drink 😉

Video and pictures:

Drums People Book store
And a drink at Banana's Drums Drums Graffiti letter Window shopping