New mission on air


Maybe you have already noticed that I am not behind my keyboard around the clock at the moment.

Let me explain; I signed for a contract where I work (entertain myself) during regular office (European, not US) hours. It’s just very cool! I work with an old colleague and I am very happy to see him after such a long time. There are plenty of things to do, but I believe that will be fine.

My positive and negative thoughts about this mission are:
– Don’t have too much time to complain about the weather/darkness.
– Will save some extra $ for my next trip.
– New experiences.
– Meet new people.
– Daily bicycle ride.

– Sleep less than 6 hours/day.
– AFK while my fellow americans are online.

I just left to Strasbourg to see my mother 🙂


Après 6 mois d’attente, j’ai fait le grand pas et je suis allé voir un coiffeur!

En effet, j’en avais assez de me battre avec mes cheveux après chaque douche 🙂

Sinon, durant le mois qui va venir je vais être très occupé; au moins je n’aurais pas le temps de me plaindre du sale temps; qui disons le, bientôt ne sera qu’un souvenir :p


Here’s a brief overview of the changes during the last weeks:

Now RSS feeds seem to work – at least they work on my computer and I received no complaint from other users 🙂

Some small bugs have been fixed (eg. domain names with extended status and no name server) which were detected as expiring but are not (they no longer appear as expiring).

When all daily checks have been done, SaveSpell tries to find available not registered domain names in some word lists (names, 3 characters, geography and English words at the moment). Also, from now, in case of load or network errors while the process in charge of checking the domain names is running, it will just sleep for 5 minutes and try again (instead of crashing).

In addition, some basic documentation has been written.

Feel free to propose your links!