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By popular request, here are the word lists used on SaveSpell.

Note that the files have been compressed using gzip and are UNIX formated. Any decent text editor is necessary on Windows (Notepad won’t open them).

New TLDs and new wordlists

There was no news for a while, that doesn’t mean nothing happened.

As you may have seen, there are a few new top level domains and word lists which have been added during the last year:


  • .mobi
  • .us


  • 4 characters domain names,
  • oxymoron,
  • and searched keywords

Also, membership is also possible where it is possible to add domain names into a watch list which is not subject to caching delays during update. Other features will come in the future. In addition, the users that registered before 2008-09-01 and never logged in have been removed, those are in most cases linked to incorrect e-mail addresses and never received their password.

An interesting detail regarding email addresses… about 34% of users never logged in (out of which 70% generated an email bounce: unknown email address, inexistent domain or mailbox full).

Have fun!

Database failure

The database server has been victim of a violent outage in the datacenter where monkeys like to switch off the power on the main switch.

It’s currently being checked and restored, which will take about 12 hours.

To avoid problems with the running database, I stopped the Web service on the web server. will be back on Wednesday, October 17, 2007.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


You may have noticed some slowness over the last days, but be reassured, everything will be back in order soon.

Some maintenance is being performed on the database (new indexes, new collations and new tables).

Also, the HTTP daemon will be stopped for upgrades and tuning during the next hours.
Everything will be back in order when the poor server (it needs more RAM) will read and write several files.

You’ll find out that some new word list have been installed (searched keywords and phrases).


Here’s a brief overview of the changes during the last weeks:

Now RSS feeds seem to work – at least they work on my computer and I received no complaint from other users 🙂

Some small bugs have been fixed (eg. domain names with extended status and no name server) which were detected as expiring but are not (they no longer appear as expiring).

When all daily checks have been done, SaveSpell tries to find available not registered domain names in some word lists (names, 3 characters, geography and English words at the moment). Also, from now, in case of load or network errors while the process in charge of checking the domain names is running, it will just sleep for 5 minutes and try again (instead of crashing).

In addition, some basic documentation has been written.

Feel free to propose your links!

Beta phase

From now on, Beta phase 2 is live. Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • New domain names and status changes are almost continuously, so feel free to visit the same as often as you like.
  • The Recent changes page now displays latest changes.
  • Alexa rank is being checked on newly added domain names, effective date: October 3rd.
  • Goggle PageRank can be checked on demand.
  • New option that tags a domain name for recheck in the information page. When clicked, the domain name will be added on the check queue and status updated within the next minutes/hours, depending on the queue size. This tag is set to allow report of incorrect entries. Unfortunately, it doesn’t apply to expiring domains before the expiration date (plus 48 hours due to the world’s timezones). Also, a s a security measure, a maximum of 10 checks is allowed every 5 minutes.
  • Google PageRank and tagging a domain for recheck both need cookies enabled. The cookie contains some information generated in the Information page.
  • Page title and meta tags are generated according to the page content.
  • All dates and times on the content pages are based on UTC time.
  • Content pages are cached.
  • Domain names that seem to be expired and not checked on whois database are now in the category Most likely free. The displayed icon of such domains is

But, some bugs need to be fixed:

  • Name servers are not removed from the domain’s information if it becomes available.

Any other bug report or feedback is welcome.