All bicycles and landscapes photos are free to use, including for commercial purposes; however please do not use pictures with recognisable people as it is very hard to get every one’s permission; those are souvenir photos of memorable bike tours.

Cycling life

Cycling life
All the latest photos shot from the saddle. Updated in batch from time to time. Latest additions: Tour du Duerf (official site), Mam Vëlo op d’Schaff 2017 (official site).

I also posted a few blog posts in cycling category and tag. but I’m very bad 😉

Official cycling routes


National cycle routes

In Luxembourg there’s a network of national of 23 cycling routes (as of 2017), locally called Pistes cyclables (PC for short). They are managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable development.

I have been taking photographs of them for some years and it is still a work in progress, so please find the links to my gallery. There are also photos of points of interests next to the different cycling routes.

The pictures of the different PC routes are in the sub-albums of this gallery page (some are missing, either because the PC hasn’t been built yet or doesn’t have enough photos to make an album).

Regional cycling routes

Pictures along the Wisen West Tour, Dällchen West Tour, etc. are located on this page.

Social cycling


  • B:loft: originating from, B:loft aims to foster cycling culture in Luxembourg by organising cycling events.
  • Cycle Luxembourg: aims to encourage everyday urban cycling in Luxembourg by offering advice, training and community events.
  • ProVelo: the first cycling association in Luxembourg (former LVI – Lëtzebuerger Vëlos-Initiativ)
  • Luxembourgize! (Twittermedium, homepage): devil’s advocate of today’s & future everyday walking & cycling infrastructure.
  • Siggy the Cyclist (Twitter): Urban Cycling Guerilla; Paint is not infrastructure.


Old pages which are today obsolete but kept for prosperity:

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