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The Night Run

An old friend from Paris came for a visit; it was a very fortunate last minute decision! As he arrived, he noticed there was something going on – I told him about the marathon which seemed a good surprise.

Despite a shower during the evening, the weather was nice so we had some urban walk through the city without being bothered by car traffic, looked for street art, encouraged the runners and enjoyed the drums playing around everywhere. Then we had dinner at el compañero where we shared a plate of tapas with some fajitas. Later on we went back to the show, walked, idled in the parks, while talking and taking pictures and videos.

Download/view the large marathon video.

Sprint in the park In the park while others are running ING in the bin Chat zone Letter boxes Night marathon Runner and cyclist Kinnekswiss at night Tree and shadow Tree shadow Obey Boat
Dancer Stickers Plug'n'trash Trisomie 21 Soyez citoyens? Balloons Lit parking

When we got back home, we talked about geek stuff until 4:30 in the morning.