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It’s mind-blowing that I haven’t contributed a single post to this illustrious platform in the past two whole years! But fear not, my dear audience, for I shall grace you with some information about my fascinating outdoor escapades in the magnificent year of 2023. Get ready to be floored by the brilliance of it all.

Oh boy, what a year it was! I mean, talk about numbers and achievements galore! Get this, I logged a mind-boggling 200,000 km on total rides Strava. Yeah, that’s right, TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND! And hold on tight, because I also conquered a jaw-dropping 2 million meters of elevation gain. I practically climbed Mount Everest twice! But wait, there’s more, I made my 100th-century ride during the highly anticipated summer season. 

Oh, and let’s not forget about my thrilling adventure in the world of PostGIS queries. Because, you know, who doesn’t love a good old data hunt?  Turns out, I uncovered a hidden gem of a village in Luxembourg called Dorscheid. How dare it elude my travel radar for so long! And wait for it… I also discovered a mythical section known as Scheerbach. It’s so elusive that its area measures a whopping 11,228 square meters.

All in all, I can proudly say that I’ve conquered the world of numbers and geographical mysteries.

Figures for 2023 provided by Veloviewer:

VeloViewer infographic for 2023

Another year of mediocre cycling accomplishments. Who needs to beat their total distance, max ride distance, max ride elevation, or number of centuries when they can proudly announce that they’ve surpassed their record of elevation gain in the groundbreaking year of 2023? Also,  I managed to avoid getting even a single flat tire while I was out riding, but I replaced three wheels! 

Below, you will find the picture of the activity map near Luxembourg for 2023. 

2023 activity map near Luxembourg

According to wandrer.earth, I got 3201.83 new unique kilometres, and the Squadrats progress is shown below.

Squadrats yard (equivalent to VeloViewer's tiles)
Squadrats yardinho (like VeloViewer's tiles, but 64 times more dense)

PostGIS query to display visited municipalities during 2023

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of gracing all the Luxembourg communes with my presence countless times. And hey, let’s not forget the excitement of venturing across the border to explore all the juicy municipalities on the other side. Well, except for dear old Mont Saint-Martin.

The absolute highlight was on the scorching day of July 11, when the heat was hardly bearable, with scorching heat and suffocating humidity! And of course, to balance things out, we had the pleasure of experiencing the bone-chilling cold on August 31, with a freezing shower that almost turned me into an ice sculpture! I couldn’t help but shiver in pure ecstasy aaaall the way back home.

Oh, just a tiny little thing I managed to accomplish… I mean, it’s not like it’s a big deal or anything, but I casually hopped on my bike one day and conquered all the highest peaks in each of the Benelux countries. Who needs a car or a helicopter when you can pedal your way to the top?

Oh, how I had grand plans to conquer the world with my VeloViewer cluster! But alas, I failed miserably to even reach Saarbrucken, let alone Sarreguemines. As for expanding my biggest square to encompass all of Luxembourg, well, I managed to tick off a few tiny corners, so that’s something, right?

Now, as I ponder the upcoming year, I must confess I haven’t bothered solidifying any goals just yet. I mean, who needs goals when there are countless ideas just waiting to sprout like beautiful flowers in the warm embrace of longer days?

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