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New month, new challenge

In May days are getting longer. That’s great! I can spend more time outside (since I don’t completely trust my eyesight I’d rather stay close to home at night).

I renew my 1,000 km goal for this month but would like to reach 10,000 km until the end of 2014. This one is going to be tough! I’ve done 3,339 km this year so far; more than 6,600 km remaining – that’s about 27 km every day.

Yesterday I was lazy and it was Labour Day, but I have a good excuse: thunderstorms. Actually, I was getting ready to do 50 km ride when I could hear the thunder; and then I was invited to join some friends for dinner in a great portugese restaurant called Atlantico.

Since I have postponed my cycling tour to today, I’ve extended it a bit, but the slope uphill was tough; cycling against the wind didn’t help.

Despite its difficulty, it was a nice and idyllic ride.

wpid-20140502_142808_hdr.jpg wpid-20140502_143001_hdr.jpg wpid-20140502_154754_hdr.jpg wpid-20140502_161946_hdr.jpg wpid-20140502_163952_hdr.jpg wpid-20140502_164936_hdr.jpg wpid-20140502_170559_hdr.jpg

It seems some sections will look different in the future as they are building a road which is going to be a primary road close to the cycling route…
PS: still fine without chocolate, candies nor coke 🙂

Yes! 1002 km!!

I was having some doubts about the weather and work, but I’ve made it! I’m so happy 🙂 Finally, I have cycled 1,002 km this month and 1,205 km of total activities; not bad 🙂 🙂

I cycled back from work via the CR 105 road (also known as Vallée des Sept Chateaux – Valley of the Seven Castles). This route is amazing and I’m wondering why they don’t create a cycling route there; the car traffic is almost inexistent; I’ve been overtaken by only one car (plus a racing bike) along this road. In addition, the landscape is amazing and the way almost flat.

Since it’s a lovely route, let me share it on the map; I’ll try to share some pictures in the future (which should be read: if I do not forget about it, maybe one day, I’ll sort my photos and upload some).

Cycling day

Randomly left home with the idea of going South. However I had no destination in mind until I thought about exploring a bit the Land of the Red Rocks (Terres Rouges).

At some point, the cycling route PC 8 stops and I’ve continued my way on hiking routes, which were tough but it was worth the effort.

Maybe I’ll manage to cycle 1,000 km this month 🙂







OpenStreetMap survey map

I always take pictures of areas I walk or cycle, which is very helpful for upating OpenStreetMap. Here’s a summary of the current surveys in the forest.

The most concentrated area is probably near Bambësch, a forest located North of Luxembourg City which is almost on my way to work and is worth a detour from spring to autumn a few times a week:

I still have hundred of ways to visit, fix or update in the eastern part of the forest; which will make my detours longer soon.

The good thing is that each time I go out, I have fewer waypoints to check; last year for each waypoint checked, I added five new points. Sometime I forget to remove points from my waypoint list which make me revisit area already visited :). Also, I added some ways and points tagged with fixme or weird values to my to visit-list.

Over the last year, I’ve been walking and cycling thousands of kilometers; I should check my GPS logs to get the real figure.

This last picture shows area I’ve been exploring near Luxembourg City.

And finally, my OSM Heat Map