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Autumn hike from Mutzig to Molsheim

A touch of summer in November while hiking in the woods and vineyards.
Start: Mutzig train station
End: Molsheim train station
Length: 13.5 km
Track: GPX file or GPSies link.
Photos: photo gallery and photo map.

Hangman – it was the week of Halloween. Noticed a lawyer’s name on the letter box next to this.
House – an old but still inhabited house in Mutzig
Chapelle Notre-Dame des Sept Douleurs (Heilighiesel)
Chapelle Notre-Dame des Sept Douleurs (Heilighiesel) – unfortunately not a peaceful place as it lies next to a busy road.
(not so wild) life
(not so wild) life – at the second we stepped into their field, they came to us to see what’s going on.
Eating leaves
Goat eating fallen leaves like I would eat a bowl of peanuts.
Direction signs
Direction signs – at this stage we left the yellow circle to follow the red symbols.
Here we starting climbing. It’s a steep but very short climb.
Rocher du Geissfels
Rocher du Geissfels – where this narrow trail took us to
Vegetal revenge
The tree revenge – metal blended by the growing tree
Many leaves from various trees
Changing direction but staying on the marked trail
Forest track
The forest path became a track
Where the tracks meet
Misleading directions
This sign is to be rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise
Not-so-green salad
Lunch break: a not-so-green salad
The outlook
The outlook
Our picnic bench
Leaving the pass
Leaving the pass
Autumn colours
Autumn colours – back to the forest
Littering is one thing I do not understand.
Autumn vineyard – all shades of yellow, orange and red
Warm November
Yes, it’s November…
Some old grapes; vendanges tardives?
Pinot noir
Pinot noir information board
More grapes
More grapes
Closed hut at risk of collapse in the vineyards.
Orange and red vineyard
Enjoying the weather
Enjoying the weather.
Another vineyard
Another vineyard
Plaine d'Alsace
View towards “Plaine d’Alsace” and the Black Forest
Horse one
Horse two
Vignoble de Dorlisheim
Vignoble de Dorlisheim
Old apples
Old apples
Old apple
Old apple
Old apple
Dried apple on an old apple tree
Protestant church in Dorlisheim
Around Dorlisheim church
Eurovelo 5
Cycling directions featuring Eurovelo 5 and Véloroute du Vignoble d’Alsace signs
Bees are still outside

Hike map:

Photos taken in October 2007


Only 15 photos out of 207 have been chosen for publication:

Esch/Sûre lake Mushroom
Luxembourg Ardennes Pylon, torchlight
Plant Plant
Succulent Plant Cactus
Cactus Cloche d'Or
Bridge Petrusse park
Wildlife in Luxembourg Luxembourg Forest: fall
Luxembourg forest: fall

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By the way, thank you for all the season greetings I received! I’m still behind and need to reply – and I will reply to everyone. So happy new year: wish you will always find a pair of socks instead of single ones 😛