Internet in Kazakhstan

I found a topic onars technica about The Internet in Kazakhstan, so I looked at it…

Here in Luxembourg, I spend about $150 monthly for one of my broadband flat rate Internet access, which is about 2% of my gross income.
In Kazakhstan, unlimited Internet access is far from being affordable, especially with an average monthly salary of $400. For example, a flat rate 2 Mbit/s ADSL price is over $4500, per month, and does include neither the 14% tax, the activation fee nor the modem. The alternative solution, using cable, provides a 10 Mbit/s access that is about a thousand times higher than in Western Europe: over $35,000. Of course taxes, activation and modem are excluded.

A report from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe explains more about Internet governance in Kazakhstan (seek to page 119).