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Dogwood52: week 7: Portrait: Faceless

Tell someone’s story without showing their face.

I did find it extremely hard to be inspired, to capture an interesting context. I didn’t put too much effort into this and mainly worked on the future challenges instead; but here’s the result:

Kids playing, normal stuff Feet portrait Texting Couch potato

Respectively named:

  • Kids playing, normal stuff,
  • Feet portrait,
  • Texting, and
  • Couch potato.

But be prepared for something more amazing for week 8 😉

Dogwood52: Week 4: Portrait: headshot

This one was really difficult for me. It’s hard to find out what expression and posture to ask to people, therefore I have decided to publish a picture of Sheepie, my travel companion from New Zealand. I am so bad at have a lot of potential in portrait photography 😉


Other candidates (includes my mother, a lovely bike found on the street, Sheepie and my work mate):
20160123 173256 Portrait of a bike Tri-angle portraits 20160129 123100 2 20160129 153912-HDR

Link to the gallery challenge.

Previous challenges:

Dogwood52: Portait: Self Portrait

The description was:

Start things off right with a “selfie”! Explore the self timer setting on your camera

Oh no! I hate shooting myself, that’s why I always stay behind the camera, but let me try anyway… Add to that the humid grass and the damp air. I used my remote shutter to shoot the pictures. My original plan was to lie of the grass and shoot myself in different position, but from the second I was set in position, I did feel the humidity going through my clothes. As soon as I got in front of the lens, I couldn’t have any natural smile anymore, and it got worse over the shots.

Since I love outdoors, I thought going somewhere green and wearing something green would be appropriate. I tried different poses, holding still or being active; then I didn’t qualify jumping as a portait photo, but it was a good exercice.

Selected photo:

My favorite photo:
But I did not qualify it as a portrait.

All candidates:
20160101 142234-HDR 20160101 142628-HDR 20160101 142724 20160101 142816 20160101 142833 20160101 142837 20160101 142842 20160101 142847 20160101 142911 20160101 143035 20160101 143039 20160101 143137 20160101 143213 20160101 143321 20160101 143426 20160101 143431 20160101 143435 20160101 143445 20160101 Edit