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Dogwood52: week 8: Landscape: Wide Angle/Panorama

So, here I am again with the weekly challenge. This time it is about a great opportunity to explore panorama stitching and create a wide sweeping landscape.

I first tried from the balcony of my office room, played with Photoshop Photo Merge, and decided to use Lightroom to create the panorama – it seems to handle raw files better when it comes to vignetting. Then I started putting a lot of energy and time into this project and asked myself many questions, including about the ratio to use and found out that 3×1 is a good bet because we can find frames using this ratio. All camera settings are manual, including focus and bracketing was enabled to catch different exposures. But you have been warned, the pictures are great (in size) – please download them if you like 😉

Luxembourg Grund night panorama
Luxembourg Grund night panorama (full size image)
Mamer Schlass night panorama
Mamer Schlass night panorama (full size image)
Skate Park Hollerich 360 degrees panorama
Skate Park Hollerich 360 degrees panorama (full size image)

And here are some pictures captured while training for the shootings:

Getting warmed up for panoramic capture
Getting warmed up for panoramic capture (full size image)
Clutter on the table (full size image)

The panorama has just started; I will definitely make more, thinking of an album of Luxembourg panoramas.

Dogwood52: week 2: Traditional Landscape

This is not so traditional. I had originally planned to bike to Little Switzerland, but not only it was hectic at work, also the weather had been chaotic. This was the only evening it wasn’t raining and windy, and I didn’t wear adequate clothes to step into the tracks (covered with a layer of mud and another layer of water on top).

I decided to select this photo, not because I had no real choice, but because after fiddling with bracketing and HDR processing, it did really feel my state of mind when I managed to see the stars after several days of fog, wind and rain.

The color could have been a candidate for week 3 challenge, but I have something else in mind 😉 My camera aperture was locked in 1.4 as the aperture ring was blocked and I did not dare to fix it in the darkness and humidity.


Other shots for the challenge:
20160108 183602-HDR 20160108 185439-HDR