This is not about the cartoon Powerpuff girls; Townsville is a city named after Robert Towns, founder of the city located in Queensland, Australia.

The city in itself looked quite special and it took me half an hour to walk from the railways station to the city centre. On the first day it looked like a ghost town: no one in the streets and many buildings were for lease, even on the main mall (Flinder Street). This is where I found one of the greatest opened wireless networks during my trip, just on a picnic table near a kiosk where I could get soft drinks and snacks.

A few minutes after my arrival, a shower caused a minor flooding but this did not stop me from visiting the area. I directly went to the marina to look for sailing lessons and the only note I found looked more like a scam quite similar to those who offer you a cheap and quick university degree.

The Strand was a great place to chill around with the historic pool and all kind of attractions for all ages, and a beach that includes a swimming enclosure that protect against stingers so people can swim and avoid the deadly jellyfishes. I played on some of the “rides” and tested my strength and balance

The Museum of Tropical Queensland has a part dedicated to the Pandora Ship Wreck that has been found after two centuries.

Townsville is the gateway to Magnetic Island, an island mostly in a natural park where I hired a push bike, managed to get my first sunburn (despite the rain!). So I cycled and hiked along and between the bays and took many pictures.

Warning signs in Magnetic Island:
General Warnings Marine Stingers

Found in the streets of Townsville:
Spider Men chair

The Strand and around:
Townsville's park Townsville's Marina
Trees and boats Tree
/me in Townsville

Magnetic Island:
Magnetic Island