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Take a trip to paradise

I need to know where we should go to show I’ll always love you.
Unfortunately, there’s no you at the moment and paradise is expensive.

It could be called Great Keppel Island, an island enjoying a tropical climate where hiking trails and beaches are numerous. Thus it is a great place to chill out, walk a bit, relax on a beach, swim, then walk on again.

The Great Keppel Island Holiday Village (YHA), also known as the quiet alternative, was one of the best place where I stayed in Aussie; they offer original accommodation where the pleasure of camping meets the comfort of a real bed.

Tend and bed Great Keppel Island

In such a place, we feel out of time.

Tree Tree

Sea creatures and sunset over the continent:
Coral Jellyfish
jellyfish Sunset over the mountains and the sea

The Island is reachable by a ferry boat from Yeppoon and, if you are fortunate, a landing strip allows small aircrafts to land.

Wind Wave on the beach