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Lunch ride to Diekirch

Today I went to the Meetup event called Lazy Sunday Bike Ride.

The meeting point was in Mersch at 10:15. I left home on time, but went slowly and did a detour via the city centre,  and at 9:44 I saw the sign displaying 15 remaining kilometres, I had to boost and arrived there exactly at 10:15 😉 Of course, I could also have contacted the organiser as I knew the tour details, but that would have been no fun.

The group was great, it was great riding with 12 other people while talking a bit and listening to others – I have two ears and one mouth. One person got lost so I went back to fetch her and we finally found the group back after an hour, and we cycled to Diekirch and stopped for lunch in a Portuguese restaurant named Jardin du Portugal where the food was good so I recommend it.

In total, I cycled another 109 km today, it was called a “Lazy” 😉

I’ve done 412 km of outdoor activities this week, and I still need another 743 km this month to reach my goal, but since I’m going to be on duty next week I won’t be able to cycle as much as last week.

Elevation map

To finish the day, I’ve cleaned the BBQ; it’s like a new one 🙂

Grund photo walkabout 2013-07-22

Here’s a view of the meetup point, shot from the direction of Scott’s Pub:


To get there, the easiest is to walk and take the elevator from Plateau du Saint Esprit down to Grund.

meetup_grund_walkNote: this map is not definitive. We’ll probably do some detours and won’t stick to the blue highlight. If you happen to be late, it would be an idea to have an access to this map so I can tell you where to find us (or which number we are close to).